Meditation which combines the Twelve Powers and the 12 Steps

Many folks have asked for this Meditation which combines the Twelve Powers and the 12 Steps. As you do this meditation, refer in your mind to the Recovery Steps 1-12 in turn, as you make each affirmation.  Allow the two ideas to merge (they are already really one) and then extrapolate.





1. I surrender to the power of God within me, and all around me.



2. Hope activates Faith which restores me to wholeness.


Simon Peter

3. I align my will with Goodwill.



4. I judge myself and all others in the light of God's wisdom.



5. Trusting, open and receptive; I understand that God stands under all.



6. Through the power of Divine Order, I put first things first.

Olive Green

James the less

7. Through the power of Elimination, I release all disorder, dysfunction, and disharmony in my mind and body.



8. Through the Strength of God in me, I take responsibility for my life.

Spring Green


9. Through the Love of God in me, I forgive all of our mistakes.



10. Through the Life of God in me, I stay in this day, I live in the moment, and focus on right now.



11. Divine Vision reveals my mission and purpose and generates the energy to fulfill them.

Sky Blue


12. Through the power of Zeal in me, I am alive, alert, awake and enthusiastic. I am exuberant in my pursuit of mission and purpose. I am excited about life and I expect the best.



These powers swirl together and become the white light of Christ. This light Crowns my head and flows down over and through my body. This light has healed me and I send this light forth from me to touch and heal others.



  1. The first affirmation is an extension of the 1st step.  The surrender is the admission that of ourselves (in ego) we are powerless.
  2. The second affirmation grows directly out of the hope that comes when we realize that this power of God can restore us to wholeness.
  3. The third is our decision to align ourselves with the will of God.
  4. The fourth is our self-examination (inventory).  We learn to see ourselves in the light of God, which leads us to see all others in the same light.
  5. The fifth is where trusting enables us to share openly with another, understanding that God is always there.
  6. The sixth is about willingness to change our life.  To get things in their proper order, to put first things first.  (Love (God) is always first)
  7. The seventh is asking God to remove the negative…
  8. The eighth is calling on the Strength in us to take responsibility for our past, present and future.
  9. The ninth allows healing.  We forgive (ourselves and others) and that allows forgiveness from others.
  10. The tenth is about mindfulness, being totally present in the moment (continuing to take personal inventory).  Observe life in the moment, make corrections (admit wrong) whenever necessary.
  11. The eleventh gives Vision, through prayer and meditation we become aware of what is important.  This awareness generates a great energy in us to move forward.
  12. The twelfth is the result of that energy, we are awake, alive and enthusiastic.  We carry that energy to others, serving and giving love in all things.

All of these powers are like light from a prism.  The white light shine through the prism and comes out as a spectrum of color.  This meditation takes the individual colors (powers) and puts them together to form the pure white light of the Christ.  This light is ours, it is our individuality.  We have the ability to use this light to heal ourselves and to extend it to heal others.  The more we focus on this ability the stronger our awareness of it grows.