RECREATION – I am releasing negative.

July 8th -

Let go of all mind dysfunction. Not interested in thoughts of worry, escape or fantasy we change our minds. We all need recreation, but true recreation is a resting and a building up of strength. Fantasy is not recreation, but rather, a waste of creative energy because its main tenet is that it can never happen. All the energy spent in escape from reality can be channeled into true creation.  Putting the resources of Mind together to creating that which we desire. Worry is just a negative prayer, one that given enough energy could possibly result in an unfortunate answer. An obsession with anything is also a waste and should be eliminated like any other waste, flushed from the mind. We allow any thoughts of escape, any obsessed thinking flow out and away from us. We do not have anything to escape from, the common abundance of the universe is my abundance. All the Good of God is ours to share. We let go of all dysfunction of mind.