CONGRATULATE – I am happy for the happiness of others.

July 11th -

Let us be happy for the good fortune of others. Any time that we are jealous of another’s good fortune, we set ourselves up for suffering. We can stop and change our mind. We understand that by begrudging the good of others, we block my own. Today, we celebrate the good that comes to everyone. We bless others and we become a blessing to others. We congratulate them and hope more good fortune for them. More than that, if we see success happening for someone, we can emulate them; looking for ways that we can learn from their example. Today, we can turn envy into blessings, we know that when we acknowledge that others deserve the good that comes to them we are also opening the way for our own good to come to me. So, we are happy; we celebrate the good fortune of others and more good fortune comes to us.