GRATITUDE – I am grateful.

July 12th -

Grasping for what we do not have and avoiding some painful circumstances that we do have make for much suffering. Suffering for ourselves and those around us arises out of this covetousness. Usually associated with a desire to acquire for material things it also shows itself as “if only…”; “if only this or that or the other thing, then everything would be alright.” We can use the refrain in a grasping way or an avoiding way. It doesn’t matter which, the result is always unhappiness with the present condition. We remember that the desire for things and situations of the material world, while seemingly attractive, disappoint more than they satisfy. So, today, let us turn our attention to all the reasons to be grateful right now. Surely, if we do this we will become aware of the preciousness of life and of the beauty that is all around us, and this gratitude will draw even more good things to it.