Fulfilled – I am fulfilled.

July 13th-

Greed is what happens when the “if only” statement of covetousness are realized. Trying to fill our inner needs with outer phenomenon never quite does the job. We find ourselves unable to be satisfied. Greed shows itself in the mindless consumption. It is a difficult trait to change in a culture which seems to worship “more.” Thus, we a part of a society which has become a cancer upon the world. We are not only eating ourselves into obesity with our gluttony, we are eating the planet with our wanton consumerism. Someone once said, “we have a God shaped hole inside and we keep trying to fill it with everything else.”  Can we imagine a life where we got quiet before we ate, where we took a moment to consider before we ate the next bite or bought the next trinket? Can we envision a world where the unfettered appetites of us all were mitigated by a deep sense of connection with the community and the Holy? Allowing ourselves to be filled by Spirit, we can accomplish this vision.