HUMILITY – I am humble.

July 14th -

It doesn’t mean lower than low; it means lower than God.  Even in this regard it is just a reflection of the reality that we are the created not the Creator.  We are children of God and as such inherit not only the Kingdom but Creativity itself; but still the order is most important for our own sanity. So, in full humility we acknowledge the order of creation. We become able to simply be ourselves without having to act like something else. Spiritually, which is to say in the ultimate reality, we are pure and loving offspring of the most High. We could not be better than this. Our place in the material world also needs to be honestly evaluated. We have gifts and abilities that are uniquely ours, we should acknowledge them and practice to make them better. We have shortfalls that we can also own, because with recognition, acceptance and investigation we will be able to overcome.