ACTION – I am taking right action.

July 15th -

Inertia is the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest; and for a body in motion to remain in motion. It is a physical law that things will remain in their individual state unless acted upon by another force. Inertia has been related to sloth or laziness, less often it has been referred to as mindless activity; both apply. Just as in the scientific laws, inertia applies to our human behavior. We tend to move aimlessly thinking we are very busy and then crash onto the couch looking at whatever screen is available. Right action is the antidote to inertia; doing the right thing for the right reason at exactly the right time makes us proper servants. Imagine operating out of correct motivation, moving out of a desire for the common welfare. See yourself doing the helpful thing, acting out of love, and having an inners sense of when to do it. All of this arises out of quiet listening to our inner guide and then only moving on those things that are a benefit to us all.