FORGIVE – I am forgiving.

July 16th -

Anger is the ultimate face of fear. It is the mask we wear when we want to justify violence. ACIM says that “anger is never justified.” It does not say we will never be angry. It is just trying to point out that whatever justification we come up with for anger, it is not valid. The fear that fuels anger is the same fear that tells us that we are separate from one another and therefore we are in danger. Forgiveness heals. Forgiveness brings us into a clear view of the present by healing the past. The past, of course, is our mistaken view of what seems to have happened. We think we are at risk, the evolutionary imperatives of the body continue to give us outdated signals. Putting the body in its place, we forgive; thereby releasing ourselves and others of any need for violence or the anger it springs from it.