HUMBLE – I am humble.

September 10th -

Today let us accept our true selves; meaning we have true humility. Not putting on airs, but being able to be who we are without trying to act like something else. In the quiet of this moment we consider who it is we really are, we seem to be bodies with personalities and these should also be accepted but these are not who we truly are. We may not be happy with our personalities or our bodies but we can accept their present conditions. So, we may be unhappy with our personalities but we are more than that; we may be unhappy with our bodies, but we are much more than our bodies. We find ourselves falling short in our activities, but we are not our activities. We are pure spirit. We are the very expression of God. We are creation in action. This is a wonderful view. If we hold to this perspective, our issues with our bodies and our actions, will not only fall away they will most likely be totally healed.