AUTONOMOUS – I am self-governing?

September 11th -

Having awakened from self-centeredness (Steps 1-12), we are aware that the common welfare is actually in our own personal best interest (Tradition 1), and we no longer need to force our personal agenda on everything and everyone (Tradition 2). We entered a state of mind in which we can accept people as they are (Tradition 3), we now allow everyone the freedom to do as they will, including ourselves. So, we are autonomous, and so is everyone else. This may be confusing because in the past, we found that our self-direction was in error much of the time. We can reconcile this concern by remembering that we are now aligning our will with Goodwill and allowing a power greater that ourselves to guide us. We have also learned that self-sufficiency is an illusion unless the we find our sufficiency in the Greater Self. Still, we are self-governing and we need to make decisions.  Today let those choices be ones that we make with God.