FREEDOM – I am free to be and do.

September 12th -

We are free to grow and develop and do whatever is ours to do. In the past, we may have been confused and unsure of what our place in the world was. Living and seeing through the filter of past hurts, we have limited ourselves to reliving all of the old patterns over and over again. No more! We are free right here and right now. Keeping our attention in the present moment, focusing on the eternal now, we are totally free. Nothing can harm us in reality, because nothing can harm spirit.  In the moment, we are clear and we can enjoy life and the people we share life with. Our heart’s desire speaks to us and through us as we extend love and service to all whom we meet. Let us claim our inheritance, and leave the upset and pain of the past behind. Today, we are free to be; we are free to do all that enriches us.