PRUDENT – I am prudent.

October 3rd -

We are grateful and we want to be generous, but to be responsible we must be prudent. Today we consider our actions in the light of what will be most helpful.  Sometimes we have the means to step in and change circumstances for someone we care for, in these situations we must exercise caution. Is what we are about to do helpful in the long run? At other times, we find that we have the ability to acquire something we desire. Again, we must ask if this expenditure is for the best. Although we want to stay present and live in the moment that does not mean that we live for the moment. Consideration of the future outcomes is part of maturity. We can be sensible without being fearful. Firmly grounded in the present we can be farsighted. We take care in how we invest our time and treasure. We share our talents in the most advisable ways. To be prudent does mean to be tight or stingy, it just means that we give good consideration to our endeavors.