GIFT – I am gifted with prayer.

October 4th -

Prayer is purest way to return the gifts of spirit. It is a gift in the receiving and in the giving; prayer is my soul singing to Creation. Take a moment right now to get the feel of this, prayer is thought and those thoughts are a song unto God. They can be harmonious or they can be dissonant. They can have order and pattern or they can be random and chaotic. The song that is sweet to the heavenly ear is one that exudes the love of which we are a part. So, the prayer which is grateful and joyous is the gift which derives from the original gift and then gives back to it. An attitude of good fortune will cause more to be grateful for. As I focus on the gift, being happy for it, the song of my heart produces a vibration which spills into my outer life in ways that cannot be fully explained or even predicted. So I am gifted, and I am a gift.