BETWEEN – I am not blocked.

October 5th -

There is no lack; nothing that steals our abundance, nothing standing between God and us. It is so important to see that we do not need an intermediator to help us communicate with God. There are those who are equal but who temporarily have something that can help us, but we should know that God is directly available to us at any time and in any place. What stands between us are judgments, erroneous views of life which keep us at odds with our fellows and hence with God. When we see the good in our brothers and sisters we acknowledge the Good of God and that removes all of the blocks to that love. As these fears dissipate, our consciousness raises and we can be sure that we cannot fail to reach God. Having cleansed our sight, we can begin to see the Christ spirit, the Buddha nature of all of those around us; this reminds us that the same spirit and nature is in us. This nature is our prosperity and it continues to bless us as we allow it to bless those around us. We are blocked no longer.