FREE – I am free.

October 8th -

To long have we been prisoners to deception. Look close at the deception and we will see ourselves the deceivers and the deceived. We believed that we are victims of the world, not so; for we created the world we see. We have seen ourselves injured by others, hurt by circumstance and event. We have thought we were subject to a random world and a capricious God. Slaves to anyone we meet, dependent on words and actions of others, we are tethered by codependency. We can free ourselves of this insane vision by releasing our brother from the burden and taking responsibility for our own lives. This is freedom! Know that we experience exactly what we have ordered from life. We are responsible. Everything we have thought, said, done, or left undone has delivered consequences. It may seem harsh, but this is actually our release from the prison of dependence to the freedom of inter-dependence. Let people do what they will. We then can do what we will, and no matter what occurs we remember that it is what we do next that will determine our experience.