CREATION – I am creating.

October 9th -

Previously we have made a world that is untenable. Today we begin to actually create. When we create we operate in the image and likeness of our Creator.  This is our shared function. We all are a part of this grand endeavor. Equal to each other, and still somehow each of us has a place in God which cannot be replaced by another. We have allowed our minds to become obsessed with past occurrences, which we then have projected into a fantasy of the future. As each moment unfolds we take the stimulus and filter it through our past experiences choose one that seems to fit and then we order the future to match the past.  Therefore, we continue to make an untenable world. We have been trapped into patterns of behavior which in turn deliver consequences that are limited and limiting. We can see it differently. We can see that when we come together in mind we remember our spiritual bond which heals the physical and the mental world we have previously made.