HELP – I am asking for help.

October 10th -

The fragmentation that is the insanity of self-centeredness can be healed right now. Locked into the small self only the prison of loneliness is experienced.  Escape is possible, help is available. We can ask Spirit to teach us new vision, a sight that sees past error to the sinlessness of God's son. Ask and receive. We no need greater than this, the ability to see what is really there. To release all of the sick thoughts mired in the past and think with Divine mind thoughts of love and light.  Ask for this help right now, and feel God's mercy remove all of the pain of the world.  Forgiven it rises to meet us, a world transformed from blighted desert to verdant garden.  Help has come and brought with it the Unity of all Life. The fragments of personality are reunited into the whole that is greater than any personality. The Son of God is indeed one. Should we forget again, no worries, just stop and ask again. Help is available again and again until we no longer need it.