SANITY – I am sane.

October 11th -

Sane, it means whole and healthy of mind. Since in reality Mind is all there is, this would seem to say that we are unified with that Mind and in that Mind. Any sight we see that contradicts that is a sign that we have left that unity and are experiencing some form of insanity. Anytime we feel disconnected from life, we are by definition insane. Let us find no fault here. It is just a detour, we can get back on the right track simply by seeing the truth; that there is no possible way that we can be apart from life; we are always a part of life. God is continually offering this gift of oneness, in order for us to receive it we must be willing to give it. All limitations fall away as we remember our ultimate identity. We are notes in the song of Life that all creation sings endlessly to God. All equal parts of the greater whole.