LEARN – I am learning.

October 12th -

We are learning and in that learning we are changing our perception. First, we change our perception of the world as a dangerous place where we must always be on guard to a place of safety where we cannot be harmed. The more we change our perception, the closer we get to the foot of the bridge that leads to heaven. Learning eventually leads us the place where no more learning is needed; the place of knowledge. We learn that our experiences are either of love or of fear and that the fear is just a lie we tell ourselves. We begin to release fear by forgiving all of the fearful things we tell ourselves and stand before a locked door that only forgiveness can open. We may be in so much darkness that we cannot even see the door, but we must recognize these shadows as our own self-deceptions. We forgive falsely and then wonder why we keep remembering the hurt. It is time to stop using false forgiveness as a way through life and really start letting go of all regret and resentment. Clean all thoughts of betrayal from the mind and let past mistakes disappear in the realization innocence. Teach forgiveness to learn forgiveness; teach love to learn love.