EBULLIENT – I am cheerful in my purpose.

December 27th-

Our purpose and our abundance cannot be separated.  Our purpose is indeed our happiness.  When we forget that the two is really one, we cheat ourselves and others.  Ignorance is no excuse, because in this context it just means that we are ignoring the pull of purpose, we are mindlessly dallying with meager substitutes for fulfillment.  If we fool ourselves into accepting the false comfort of fantasy or some other escape, we will never find happiness.  We really do have a job to do, a job that is not a burden but rather a privilege and a joy.  We have a vocation that will deliver ebullience and great pleasure.  The specifics of this vocation will be found in our individual meditation and exploration, but in general we are built for service.  We revel in being helpful. Our purpose is to create and in the creating find great satisfaction. So, take cheer, go forth and give.