PREDICT – I am expectant.

December 29th -

We can predict good outcomes.  Let us look to our assumptions; it is easy to fall into negative conjecture.  We can become locked into cycles negative outlook. Today we can take advantage of our awakening hearts and assume that love will happen.  Love is happening and will happen.  We can pre-suppose that no matter what the situation seems to be that there is a good outcome available. This is not conjecture, but rather the supposition that Goodwill is always present and available to our choosing. More than hope, this outlook is a faith in the presence of the common welfare.  Unity is our shared refuge, it is always there waiting for us to notice and participate. The Ground of All Being is the field of infinite possibility and it is always ready to deliver that which we expect.  Our choice for good, will deliver good.  This is not to say that there won’t be experience that does not seem good; rather that we should remain firm in the faith that good will always be available.  Good is always in the present moment when we practice awareness with acceptance.  Peace and equanimity will continue to be good outcomes.