JOINED – I am joined with all of life.

December 31st -

Life is the unity that we don’t have to join to be joined with! The unity of all life just is.  All suffering comes from our inability or unwillingness to accept our ultimate Oneness.  It is in our delusion that we are small separate selves that we have found our pain.  We have sought pleasure to forget our alone-ness, we have attempted to avoid the consequences of our perceived separateness; all to no avail. Only through our practice do we awaken from the delusion.  We wake up from the nightmare of self-centeredness.  We recognize that we are not alone and never really have been.  Surrendering ego efforts to the combined strength our fellows, we found a faith that assured us could be brought back to our original state.  We have found a Will that is more beneficial than our self-will.  We examined ourselves in the light of wisdom, trusting in the understanding of the Dharma we found the obstacles to our happiness. Ready for transformation we prayed for our infantile proclivities to mature into assets of character. Taking responsibility for life we forgave and where appropriate we asked for forgiveness. Learning to stay in the present moment, we became more and more able to connect with the larger Organism and act in a way that is beneficial to every living thing.   In this way we woke to Unity, and in this way, we continue to practice for it is easy to go back to sleep.  We go forward, moment by moment, no longer making decisions for ourselves alone because we now know that we are not.