BELIEF – I am responsible for my beliefs.

January 3rd-

My beliefs are the origins of my thoughts.  Somewhere a long time ago, I got the belief that I am alone and on my own.  This belief has grown and reproduced itself in a variety of other beliefs that really reflect the original belief.  I have believed in the ultimate isolation of life, I have believed in lack, I have believed that I am less than…I have believed in the unreliability of God to care for me…today, I know that these are erroneous beliefs.  I know that they are the cause of the distressful thoughts, which trigger feelings of fear, which motivate me to act aggressively or sit paralyzed.  From now on, every time one of these beliefs shows itself, I will nullify it with an affirmation…I will say “My father and I are one” I will think “If God be with me, of whom shall I be afraid”.  I will believe: “I am one with my Source”.  From this belief will come only abundance, only good, only love.