THOUGHT – I am responsible for my thoughts.

January 4th -

We are responsible for our thoughts.  Our thoughts are the triggers of our feelings.  We may have once believed that we had no control over what we think, but we now know that we do have the ability to change our thinking.  While we may not be able to stop a particular thought before it comes, we certainly can decide what to do with once we think it.  Anytime a negative or unwanted thought comes to us, we can decide to change our mind.  We can say to our inner guide “I do not want this thought”.  We can request “Give me a true thought”. This simple idea is marvelously effective.  So, today, whenever fearful thoughts occur let us just say no to those thoughts let Spirit replace them with ideas that uplift us.  Right now, let’s take responsibility for our thinking, making a commitment to change it.