LIVELIHOOD – I am working.

February 5th -

We often have had a job that we truly didn’t love or like what we did, but that’s not what this is about (well, maybe a little).  Right Livelihood is not engaging in a life (and particularly a profession) that causes death and suffering (Dukkha).  Ideally, your profession should help with love and compassion, but we all know that most of our jobs don’t directly do that…so at a minimum, it shouldn’t create Dukkha for others.  Traditionally, this means not engaging in dealing arms (weapons), slave trade, meat trade, sale of (mind or body) poisons, or making prophecies / fortune telling.  But also look deeply at what, and where, you work.  While those were the traditional things the Buddha said to stay away from during his time (and still hold true today), what today would cause Dukkha for others?  What would we consider harmful in our modern times?  What happens if you are in a profession like this at the moment?  Explore the ways you can help those who may be impacted by your current profession.  In the most extreme case:  do good in even in the midst seeming evil.