TRUST – I am trusting.

February 5th #2 -

Love and care are being extended right now.  Creation is always extending to us.  We are “a part of”, a part of Life, a part of God.  We belong.  We reinforce our sense of this divine membership by consciously giving service in all of our interactions.  Listening for guidance from Spirit and not acting from self-centered motivations is a result of trust.  We trust that we can surrender because as a part of God we are safe.  Confident that when we act for the common welfare we have nothing to fear, we move forward in whatever is to be done by us. We can be certain that what is best for everyone involved is what is best for us as well, because we are a part of “everyone involved”.  Others can rely on us because we know that we can rely on a loving God as well as our brothers and sisters who are indeed reflections of God.