CONSISTENT – I am consistent.

February 6th -

Today we strive for steady, dependable service; meaning that we want to be known as being dependable.  The only way for us to be trusted is to operate with our purpose constantly in mind.  We may have established a personal purpose or even a mission of the moment, as long as that reflects our common purpose of extending love and service we will be not fail.  Unswerving, single-minded pursuit of our good goals lets others see that it’s all worthwhile.  We may fall short, but we never really fail as long as we are willing to begin again with the same stable focus.  We design our efforts in a coherent manner, even-handed and uniform in their efforts to promote harmony and goodwill.  Still all of this consistent application does not exclude the new thinking that we may need for personal growth and the expansion of our endeavors.  Open-mindedness and consistency are not mutually exclusive.