PRACTICE – I am practicing.

February 7th -

Practice is an exercise, a preparation for a way of life which then becomes our way of life.  In regard to the observance of unity, we are training ourselves to not make decisions for ourselves alone.  This is a path that is unavailable to us when we are caught in self-centeredness.  Believing that we are alone, precludes us from considering that we are truly connected to all of life.  Practicing restraint is the way we change our actions.  Practicing acceptance is the way we change our emotions.  Practicing mindfulness is the way we change our thoughts.  Changing our thoughts is the way we change our beliefs.  When we apply these principles to our moment by moment living, things change…first internally and externally. Let us go forward applying the values that we hold dear.  Living in a loving manner we establish ourselves ever more deeply in community.