FUNCTION – I am remembering why.

February 8th -

Today we remember why we are here. Without a purpose we flounder.  It is very important to us all that we find meaning in our lives. Each and every one of us a role to play, a job to do, a task to complete.  Together we can do what we cannot do alone, but we still temporarily have talents and abilities that allow us to perform service that others are temporarily incapable of.  Now, it is important to remember that we share the over-arching purpose of extending love.  It is our common endeavor to extend love in a continuing effort to alleviate suffering. Inside that common purpose we find our own personal purpose of giving whatever service is ours to give.  This is the key to living a fulfilled life.  Operating inside our purpose and behaving in a loving way goes straight to the heart of being “a part of”, we feel connected and we help others feel the same.