TOGETHER – I am together.

February 9th -

“Get yourself together!”  A derisive instruction that will never come true as long as we think we are alone.  If we begin to consider that we are not alone but rather always connected to others it is much easier to get our seeming personal stuff in order. So, becoming calm, collected and composed has everything to do with realizing that we a part of a spiritual collective.  We are as one, we act in concert with one another in all of our efforts.  Coming into this frame of mind we become cool, unruffled and Self-possessed.  Laidback, unflustered, we move easily into the tasks of the day.  Holding images of our loved ones in our minds lets us feel their presence even when they may be physically far away.  Remembering that although those that are physically present with us right now are also just as precious, gives us comfort no matter whose company we are in.