HONESTY – I am honest.

February 10th -

Let us be genuine and true.  Authentic living comes from an honest presentation of ourselves.  To go through the day being frank and straightforward is our aim today.  How much more appreciated we will be and how much more fulfilled when we address our fellows in a candid and direct way.  This, of course, does not mean that we should be brutally honest, not caring how our words affect others.  Rather let us be open and sincere, always extending love in our conversations.  Our honesty will also shine through in the example we show to each other.  When we are focusing on goodwill we set the proper example.  We can be honorable without being moralistic. We can stand upright without being stiff.  We let go of deceit because there is no need to dissemble.  Firmly established in our own values we are safe to express direct, open, sincerity in word and deed.