PROCESS – I am in process.

May 8th -

There is something happening to our perception, left to the ego’s instructions and the body’s biological imperatives we perceive risk, changing our view to that of spirit we see safety. Previously alone and seemingly under threat we were sure that the whole world was against us. Extreme as that may seem it was the condition that many of us experienced and from time to time continue to experience. Today we involved in a process that moves us from total self-centered isolation into God-centered harmony with life.  The body’s defenses not withstanding we can open ourselves to the one-ness that is our true inheritance.  This does not mean that we carelessly put ourselves into harm’s way, but just that we cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusion in the vast web of life.  We are in a process which is a progression that leads us from the intellectual acceptance of love to the deep knowing that we are Love.