RETURN – I am returning to love.

May 9th -

Take a moment to imagine a timeless place that is also a space-less infinity.  Difficult as that may be to imagine, that is where we came from and it is where we are going back to.  To make things more confusing we are told that we did not go anywhere and that we are not going back anywhere because we never really left.  That state which we never left is called the Kingdom of Heaven. It is our true home.  It is the habitat of Love, the realm of God, and our ultimate inheritance.  So, we are not going back because we never left but we don’t seem to be there right now. Seem, is the right word as we are just misperceiving our present circumstances.  We have ourselves caught in a loop of illusions which present a dangerous time and space bound existence, that starts with birth and ends with death with a lot of suffering in between.  So, we must return in our minds to the place where there is only Mind. We make that return by extending love for fear in every situation that seems to stand in the way of peace.