LOVE – I am loving.

May 10th -

The extension of Love is the result of our progressive restoration to sanity.  It is also the ongoing path to that same restoration.  Ultimately, Love is our true state and our whole being.  We are generated out of the love of God and we are generators of that same love.  The Life of God that is our originally blessing is an aspect of that love. Given the gift of life, we return it by extending it.  Our pure form is actually formless, without boundaries or limitations.  This is not our present experience.  We are presently involved in a material experience that is limited by its very materiality.  However, we are practicing forgiveness and changing our perspective over time by consciously bringing any perceived darkness to the light.  We are promised that we already exist in our pure state, we have just forgotten it.  So, every time that we exchange fear for love we move closer and closer to the foot of the bridge that leads to Heaven.