MIND – I am mind.

May 11th -

 Whereas we have seen ourselves as bodies competing with other bodies for limited resources, we now consider the idea that we are actually Mind.  That is, that we are all a part of an overarching intelligence we can call divine Mind.  One Mind, united, healthy and whole.  Mind is more than our brain or our individual intelligence, as a matter of fact our “individual” minds are joined in this unity.  At some level, we are all connected in such an intimate way that we actually don’t even have any secrets from each other.  Everything that we have tried to hide is quite evident. All of our guilty imaginings revealed. All is known, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about because at this deep level we all understand that whatever the seeming “sin”. it is not even a thing.  That’s right, it’s not a thing and it doesn’t mean a thing.
All of these secret “sins” have just been distractions that have kept us from remembering that we are one Mind.