THOUGHT – I am a thought.

May 12th -

We are thoughts in the mind of God.  This is how God created us, God thought (spoke) us into existence. The thoughts of God are neither errant nor ill-considered.  Every thought perfect and complete, God extends thought as Creation.  Each thought extended but also never leaving its home.  Beyond space and time, every creation an extension but not an expansion.  God is complete and so, we are complete within God. Each creation capable of extending like its creator.  God creates, we create, and our creations create.  Within the Holy Instant all of Creation creates.  There is no limit and no limitation.  Perfection begets perfection.  The limited, small, separated self cannot fully understand these words or even see a clear image of this divine state.  We can however, get a hint and a remembrance of the grandeur our original condition if we just get quiet, release the yammering of the ego and ask Spirit to restore us to Sanity. Who knows, maybe this will be the time it will actually happen.