DESTINY – I am willing to meet my destiny.

May 14th -

Do you believe in destiny?  Is destiny a purpose or a fate?  The dictionary says both.  Here, we are not talking about pre-destination.  We are speaking of destiny as potential.  Today, let’s develop and maintain a sense of destiny. Following our vocation, we approach our potential.  Let us be intentional in all of our endeavors, holding to our purpose of service. We are examples and possibly leaders to those around us.  Great leaders inspire others to the extent that they are willing to reach out into the future, to the extent that they can embrace vision.  When we begin to stand firmly in this moment and reach out into the future with vision we become magnets which pull us all forward.  We become agents of change for good and we draw people of like mind to us.  Focusing on our calling we can affirm "I am willing to meet my destiny."