TEACH – I am willing to teach and learn.

May 16th -

To truly use this tremendous power of will for the good of all we must become involved in change.  We must become active in rebuilding the political landscape.  We must start to work with a new economic model, one based on what’s best of the great System of life in which we are all a part.  To weave a new social fabric with the common welfare in mind, to reinvent the nature of education, these are the building blocks of the life we seek.  We seek this not just for ourselves but for the good of all.  Immerse yourself in the river of life, flow in the direction of your talents and abilities, do not fight the currents of your uniqueness. In this river, the gifts of the individuals come together to join with the greater gifts of oneness and every living thing benefits.  Teach will to learn will; practice willing your life and you live the life you will.