CARE – I am willing to be cared for.

May 17th -

There is a certain amount of comfort that arises out of knowing that we are being cared for.  Being cared for does not mean that we are being controlled, or that some Power is doing for us what we should be doing for yourselves, and not that we are protected from cause and effect.  Spirit maintains us, repairs our mind, and overhauls our thought system, but we must allow it. Being cared for means that as we go about the business of life we can be assured that goodwill is present for us.  We make our own decisions, trying to be alignment with that goodwill. We do what is ours to do, the actual work of life.  We understand that there are consequences to actions.  It is just that we are assured that we are never alone, that the Presence goes with us and that even if mistakes are made there will always be another opportunity for good.  So, we allow that Presence to care for us and then we move forward without fear.