NATURE – I am more.

June 4th -

Our true self is much more than our beliefs, thoughts, feelings or even our actions.  We are, as we have discovered, part of Creation.  We are spirit.  However, having had the exact nature of our wrongs revealed in the Fifth Step, a little bit of willingness to change has entered into our minds. The exact nature of our wrongs is not our exact nature.  Self-centered fear is the nature or origin of all of our wrongs.  This fear has seven aspects, which in turn present themselves in our action and inaction.  These seven are conditional love, envy, covetousness, greed, vanity, inertia, and anger. Each stand at the negative end of a continuum.  Their opposites stand at the other end: unconditional love, happiness for the happiness of others, gratitude, fulfillment, humility, right action, and forgiveness.  These are the seven antidotes to fear and they are all aspects of the Love that counteracts fear.  This Love is actually our true nature, indeed our true identity.