VISION – I am seeing.

June 5th -

This step is about establishing a vision of what our lives can be like. So, we consider our defects and their effect on our lives. We can ask in prayer: "What would it be like if instead of being conditional with people I was able love them?" "What would it feel like if instead of being envious of the good fortune of others I was able to be happy for their happiness?" "What does life look like if I substituted gratitude for covetousness, fulfillment (asking to be filled with the spirit of recovery) for greed, humility for vanity, proper service (doing the right thing for the right reason) for inertia, forgiveness for anger? " Upon asking we allow our meditation to show us the answers, which we can be sure will be attractive.  It should not take that much effort to become willing the exchange our suffering in the ego for peace of mind.