OBSERVE – I am watching.

June 6th -

Being mindful we examine our personality in the same way we would look at any other phenomenon.  We simply observe it and then decide what should be done with its various quirks. As we begin the exploration of the inner depths, diving just below the surface we may discover some rather disturbing things. We may find these singularly unattractive traits, which some might call character defects. These are the mis-creations of fear, these are the children of separation. It is important that we not reject the little monsters, that only makes them more persistent. To pretend that they are not there or to sit on them will only keep them quiet for short periods, periods of little stress and strain. Under pressure however they will jump up and into the fray very quickly. Let us take a moment to see them as they see themselves, as helpers. These little guys really think they are protecting us from danger, keeping us from harm. So, we acknowledge their work and bless them.