ORDER – I am in order.

June 9th -

Life is in divine order.  Order is the way of things. Order is a power that we have access to. Staying mindful and aware we see that at every turn, in every moment the opportunity for Good exists. It is always so, we just need to recognize it. Every person, every situation, everything that happens, it’s all in divine order. Life will flow from good to greater good as we become more receptive to the possibilities of creation that are always present. We still have free will, we get to choose positive or negative, suffering or joy. It really is up to us; no one else can decide for us and no one else can cheat us out of experiences (good or bad). They are ours, and ultimately, we are in charge of our life. Order is present right now and knowing it starts with surrender to the presence of good. Once we fully appreciate that presence, we come to the understanding that we can’t be separated from it and that our life is cradled in divine order.