ELIMINATE – I am purging.

June 11th -

 Elimination is a power; it is an essential asset of mind.  We are fully capable of eradicating every single false image of ourselves.  We have seen ourselves falsely and have also been worshipping false idols.  We have been putting our attention on the material world, on getting things to make us feel better.  That’s because previously, we may have been confused about our identity but now we are seeing more clearly.  We are a part of…. a part of the family, the neighborhood, the community, the world, the universe.  Whereas we may have thought we were apart from all these things, we are now beginning to realize that we are intimately connected to all of them.  We are irreplaceable in GOD.  Today, every time the old images come to mind, we eliminate them, we allow them to flow away and we replace them with a clear picture of ourselves being a fully function part of creation.