RENOUNCE – I am free.

June 12th -

We are free to the extent that we are able to discharge our resentments.  Let us renounce our grievances.  Sometimes life can be full of complaints…it is easy to find something wrong, it is easy to judge others and to judge situations as negative.  It is tempting to blame others or perhaps to blame circumstances for seeming problems.  These grievances block me from the good that God has for us…they actually keep us locked into victim mentality.  If we are tired of playing the victim, we can renounce any and all grievances.  We don’t want them anymore.  Every time we think we are being put upon, and we want to protest, criticize, object, gripe or grumble we can stop and consider the truth.  We can find liberty from resentment and regret simply by forgiving the apparent injury and then seeing ourselves free.