MOMENT – I am living in this moment.

July 3rd -

How many times have we heard it said that this moment is the only time there really is? Yet we quickly allow our minds to go to past events and future imaginings. The Holy Instant is now.  Miracles are happening right now.  Whenever we are tempted to mentally leave the moment, let us return to the breath.  Reinvigorate our curiosity concerning what is going on, we see the flowers of life blossoming all around us.  New life is coming into creation in each and every moment. Seeing this we extend our love to that life.  Keeping ourselves in this moment we will notice may wonders.  This state of mind keeps us ready for a miracle.  We keep the heart open to the divine presence and therefore see it being expressed. We can feel that power moving through us and out from us.  In this moment we are infinitely blessed, in this moment we are intimately connected to creation, and in this moment, we are at peace.