FOCUS – I am focused.

July 4th -

Today we will put our attention on what is important, right now.  We concentrate on what is in front of us right now. Applying our efforts single-mindedly assures much success.  As time stretches forward, we keep our mind stayed on what is at hand.  Let us stop living on the edges and get into the center of life.  We are not “the center of the universe” in an egotistical way but our place in the universe is the center.  It is impossible to live apart from the rest of life.  We are a part of the great web of life.  We are a part of this infinite living system; our consciousness is in the middle of the mind God.  We can lovingly and thoughtfully contribute to creation by remaining harmonious with all the life around us.  We center ourselves in our role…we give what is ours to give…we know that our giving will be appreciated and reciprocated by all of life.  Today, let us emphasize and attend to what is important.