MINDFUL – I am mindful.

July 5th -

Let us remain mindful as this day unfolds.  We are conscious of our actions.  We have feelings to feel, thoughts to notice, and beliefs to be aware of. We remain curious asking ourselves what we believe that presents the thoughts that generates the feelings which in turn lead to our action or inaction.  As we walk mindfully upon the earth, we sense the ground under our feet. We can revel in our movement through the air.  Perhaps the body will feel like finely tuned machine and we can love its action in all that it does.  Maybe we are not feeling that well today, so we just notice that, and we keep moving. Today the mind may be wonderful instrument and we marvel at its precision; or the mind might be clouded and unresponsive and again we just notice and keep practicing. Most important we stay in touch with Spirit; realizing the we are not our bodies or even our small thinking minds.  We are the One who knows, we are the eternal observer.