CULTIVATE – I am cultivating.

July 7th -

Our practice on this day is to encourage positive states of mind. This, of course, does not mean that we suppress more negative states.  As always, we notice and accept everything that arises in the mind. We just nurture the pleasant, allowing whatever enjoyment is there to be fully experienced.  We foster uplifting thoughts by allowing them flow unimpeded through our consciousness as they water the garden of our mind.  Water the flowers, pull the weeds…this simple instruction keeps our inner yard looking good.  Any negative thoughts and experiences are not avoided, we just don’t immerse ourselves in them.  We allow them to come and go naturally without extrapolating more negation from them. Substituting one thought for another we can, without aversion, move from the unpleasant or mundane to the sublime. We further develop higher states as we fully savor those moments.