ENCOUNTER – I am meeting life.

July 8th -

Pause and center yourself in the breath.  Let us become aware of the presence of the life that is within us.  This awareness is just the beginning.  This life that we are experiencing springs from the life we feel within us.  It is the very power of Creation expressing as us.  Knowing this, it is not hard to realize that this same power is expressing through others, we can begin to sense the presence of Creation in all of those around us. We see that this presence is everywhere in everyone and in everything.  With continued practice we see creation in situations and circumstances.  We no longer feel that we at the mercy of chance events, that in fact, each encounter is a holy one.  Each chance meeting is the coming together of that which is already one.  When we feel at home wherever we are awe do not have to clash with our surroundings. Feeling connected to those we are with, confrontation and combat come to an end.  In this moment, each encounter is a holy one.